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What are doorstep loans also known as?

You may have heard them described as same day, fast, small term, or cash advance. All of these names can be used to explain this type of lending, so you should not differentiate between them.

How do they work?

The process is usually very simple - you fill in your details, as well as income level, and bank details (so the offer knows where to send the cash), and if you're accepted, receive your funds; normally the same day.

At loans at your door, we take this simple process, and improve it. At the beginning of the process, we send your information to our secure, clever software engine. What this means for our clients, is that rather than you enquiring for a key with one lender, you are enquiring to over 45. A one-stop shop, with little more time required - all you have to do is waiting for us to match you with a arranged. This process can take up to 10 minutes, but in the large bulk of instances, it's less than a minute.

Do you charge a fee for your matching service?

Completely not. If you are charged to find this type of solution then please do not proceed, as we feel this is unprincipled, and unjust.

How do you make cash?

Rather than charge our customers to use our software engine, we have relations with the lenders. We receive a small fee directly from them, by way of us introducing our clientele to them.

Does the fee you receive from the affect my APR?

Not at all. APRs are set by each person lender. Introducer fees are common place in business, and the arranged see our fee as a very competitive method of finding you, when compared to traditional advertising methods.

I have a poor credit rating, can I apply?

Yes you can. The beauty of this product is that the affordability events are based mainly on your income. Of course, the number of agreements you've had is accounted for, but the ratio between your earnings and your borrowing request is the main factor that is careful.

How long does it take to receive my cash?

Transfer times vary, but in most cases, unless further information is required, which is rare, you will receive your funds the same day; sometimes within 1 hour.

How will I receive my cash?

Upon application, you are required to have a bank account, of which you arranged the details for. This not only ensures you strictly have the means to repay, but also that the lender is able to transfer the funds directly in to your bank account. A fast and simple way to get out of worrying situations.

I am struggling with existing debt, is a payday loan right for me?

No. They are future for one-off use, when an unforeseen situation such as a car stop working, family appliance malfunction, or vet bills means you are short of your review budget. Accepting your agreement means that you need to budget very carefully the following month, to ensure that there is no increase effect, and to avoid late payment charges if you fail to resolve in full.

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